Schoolwide Changes

2010 has been a very busy year. The school has changed over to Macs, with all teachers being given their Macbooks to take home and experiment with over the 2009 Christmas break. This in itself was a huge shift and learning curve for most. This year, 2010, Macs have been infiltrated across the school, with one iMac per class (18) and 8 Macbooks per house (48) - plus others for ESOL, etc. This obviously incorporated massive changes to the LAN. The old PCs that could be salvaged have been reimaged and are being used by support staff, and in some classes, hence a dual platform. PCs are still used in the office as well.

Three new colour copiers have been leased and distributed around the school. Every class has been given a new camera, and data projectors are being ceiling mounted in most teaching spaces.

Another major change has been the introduction of KnowledgeNet (KNet) as our school Learning Management System. Regular PD is held at staffmeetings to help staff come on board. All classes and specialist areas have their own homepage. Teachers are using KNet to varying degrees depending on their confidence levels. Some are embracing it in its entirety for eLearning, resulting in substantial e-portfolios. In 2011 it is expected that all class teachers will fully embrace KNet and every student will have an e-portfolio. This term (T3), interoperability between KNet and eTap has been setup, opening up a parent portal in KNet. Sue Davidson's Rm6 class parents and caregivers will be used initially to experiment with the parent portal. Eventually, assessment data will flow from eTap through to KNet, allowing parents instant access to the child's results.

As well as embracing KNet, our school website has been rebuilt, extensively updated and enhanced.

Heaton is also member of the Greater Christchurch School Network (GCSN), which is a regional cluster consisting of many Christchurch schools. GCSN offers support and advice to its members.

We applied for a connection to the new high speed fibre and for the NEN network upgrade. Trenches have been dug, holes drilled and we are now expecting to be connected by mid term 4. The NEN network upgrade will follow. This is all very exciting and will add a new dimension to teaching and learning at Heaton.

PD has continued through out the year, varying from techie-brekkies and staff meeting times through to time out at eTime with Nick, our cluster facilitator, or Nick visiting in-house to support staff and students. Staff have been very supportive of each other and have accomplished a lot in a short time. PD has been ongoing with a core group for staff with regards our SMS (eTap) and LMS (KnowledgeNet.) Five staff attended the uLearn Conference in October, with one staff member (and five students) presenting a workshop on children leading learning.

ICT budgets, plans and goals for 2011 are currently being revisited and revised.