• Mosaics at Heaton
  • In term three 2010, the whole school immersed themselves into Mosaics - an inquiry delving into the values and beliefs of different cultures around the world. As the main focus was a fusion of ICT and The Arts, each house was responsible for choosing a culture and providing an item that could be put forward to create a school wide extravaganza that would be presented on stage to our community. Cultures chosen included Japan, Samoa, The Baltic Nations, Scotland, Polynesia, Eqypt, India and Africa. The final production took place in term four - delayed due to the earthquake in Canterbury. A display was also setup in the school hall to show the paths taken to explore each culture to our wider community. Below are photos of the early stages of the inquiry and the final hall displays. The final production was held in our Performing Arts Centre, and viewed by Nick Leith, our Cluster Facilitator. Nick Leith, Cluster Facilitator's,response after viewing Mosaics Extravaganza:
    • From: "Nick Leith" <nick@etime.co.nz>
    • Date: 20 October 2010 5:33:37 PM NZDT
    • To: aknight@heaton.ac.nz, "Lynne Topham" <ltopham@heaton.ac.nz>
    • Cc: <davidsons@heaton.school.nz>
    • Subject: Mosaic was awesome!
    • Thanks so much for inviting me to Mosaic this afternoon. It was awesome for so many reasons, in particular, the fact it was driven by the students made it so unique. It was a fantastic way to celebrate the inquires undertaken around the school.
  • If i can be an ICT facilitator nerd for a moment, there were brilliant pieces of authentic ict which made it such an impressive multi-faceted show, so a real example of how well utilised those new Macs are in your school.
    • Please pass on my big congrats to all your team as it can't have been easy getting all that together with all thats been going on in Chch over the last month or so! Good luck for the remainder of the performances.
    • Kind regards,
    • Nick

  • Immersing ourselves in Mosaics:
Myths and legends
Viking helmets and ships

Learning Finnish dances
Samoan dance crew

Display in hall - sharing our results with our community:
Sharing with our community
Legend of The Kraken movie
Documentary of events