KnowledgeNet was introduced at Heaton this year (2010) as our Learning Management System (LMS) and has been experimented with through out the school. Some staff are using it more extensively than others, having much of their class work completed in this online environment. Students enjoy and are familiar with using such interactive environments. PD has been on going. In 2011, it will be an expectation that KNet is fully adopted by all classes and students.
Interoperability has been extablished between KNet and eTap (SMS) allowing Heaton to focus on online reporting next year. This will allow caregivers to login at anytime and see their child's work, assessment data, school calendar, class pages, etc

Below are some examples of how KNet is being used at Heaton this year.

KNet_homepage.png Class_page.png
School homepage and an example of a class homepage

Class noticeboard, calendar and forums - providing valuable information online to caregivers and students.

An example of eLearning - class assignments online showing student's response

PArts_homepage.png Science_homepage.png
All curriculum areas have their own pages linking to relevant information and data.

A student's homepage