Teacher Voice

Podcasting at Heaton

uLearn Conference:

“I found the entire conference very organised and informative. It was inspiring and mind blowing!! I especially liked 'Lane Clark', who talked about making learning meaningful and starting the inquiry with
the 'So What?', rather then ending with 'So what?'. I found her so inspiring that I brought her book for the school. I attended 4 very informative workshops. One was on video conferencing and engaging students via live video conferencing/skype. Another, was on e-portfolios using 'Keynote'. Very exciting and easy for students to use. Another, was on using iphones for interactive learning. This would have been the highlight, as SO cool!! Students would really enjoy this form of learning. The last workshop that I attended was Karen Boyes. She was amazing and talked about how to inspire thoughtful classroom discussions.
Overall, I would recommend any teacher to attend this conference. It is very worthwhile.” Mel

"Provocative! Exciting! An opportunity to look at your pedigogical practice when using ICT and that I know I'm only personally at the beginning of a journey." Mitch

"As always, leaves you pondering the future of schools and education! Why is education so backward in coming forward? Brilliant insight into thoughts of passionate worldwide leaders in education." Sue

"Lane Clark’s keynote on inquiry learning was inspiring and thought provoking. It was interesting to see the technology that is now available to schools and how it could be applied to my classroom." Jenny


"Having reliable internet in classroom with laptops means information is accessible and students are using them as a research tool in the first instance. Access to laptops has led to their ICT literacy improving, with students being more able to problem solve and experiment to find solutions." Jodi Rm 19

"Suggestions from a novice -
1. I prefer individual time with Nick rather than E Time visits. With a group visit he presumes all will be able to understand/ work at a similar level. This is challenging for people like me.
2. Cluster meets vary considerably in input from other schools. Heaton staff are fantastic!! Other schools do not seem so commited.
3. Far greater use of IT in classroom in all curriculum areas. Students enjoy having it as an optional learning tool.
4. I would like more guidance with k net and home / room page.
5. A lot to take on board in a short time. would like to be able to consolidate now.
6. Data projectors in all rooms set up permanently."
Anne Rm1

"Nick's help at our meeting this morning was worth its weight in gold." Linda ESOL

"Having new projectors and speakers in the science room has been instrumental in making links to science and it's uses in the world outside the classroom. I am able to link their practical skills with real life situations and careers that some children do not realise exist. It is invaluable being able to access media that gives demonstrations too costly or dangerous to undertake in the school." Jarrad Science

"Enjoying the new Mac computers now that I have worked out a few issues. House pod laptops are fantastic. Enjoying having 4 computers in my classroom. I can see the potential in KNet and hope to use it more effectively next year." Jenny

"In ESOL we now have ICT equipment- 3 mac computers, a video camera and a digital projector. This equipment is an integrated part of the ESOL program and in hot demand! As an ESOL department we have planned two units of work where MAC programs have been used- Keynote and Pages. The teachers have had great support from Nick and are growing in confidence in their use of ICT within the curriculum. One of the positive things to note is the overall positive attitude the teachers have had in overcoming the hurdles of working with this new equipment.
Further work is needed on Knowledge net but we are heading in the right direction! Thanks for all your support Sue in the ICT area!" Sarah ESOL